Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things to remember to teach my child

I just found a link to another blog and loved the idea! I often think about things that I want to remember to teach my Little One, and I am afraid that I will forget about them once I am in the thick of it here's a this post...and make one of your remember to teach your Little One.

Here's the link

...I copied it below...for quick to write one for us and our Little One!

Jesus loves you.
Smile. Everyone is more lovely when they smile.
If you don't know the words to a song, just sing the word "watermelon" over and over. It will make your mouth look right. (Trust me.)
Don't feel you have to change or be different to be acceptable. You are just right.
If there are no paper towels to dry your hands on, just fix your hair a bit. It works every time.
Learn the secret whistle and use it to find me when you can't see me. (Note to self: teach children to whistle.)
Put off plucking your eyebrows, shaving your legs, and coloring your hair for as long as possible. Once you start, you can never stop.
Choose your attitude when you wake up every morning. Fake it if you have to.
Always carry 2 hankies, one for show and one for blow.
Hold hands.
Learn how to make a "specialty dish." Something complicated that you can cook perfectly. (Trust me on this one, you'll use it more than you think.)
Knowing how to make a cup out of a piece of paper is a life skill.You always have time to tell someone that you love them.
Tell stories.
Cut a pie in 7 pieces, thus creating the perfect-sized slice of pie.
If a member of the opposite sex is getting fresh and they don't understand the meaning of "no" then stick your finger down your throat and throw up on them. (This has never failed.)
Nothing you ever do will make me not love you.
Have people over, even if your house is messy and especially if it is dusty.
Sing songs. Silly, serious, off-tune. Sing loud. (And not only in the shower.)
Keep cut and serve cookies in your freezer for unexpected guests. (Plus, it makes it seem like you were just baking when they stopped by!)
It's always worth it to tell the truth. It's not always easy

Monday, December 28, 2009

14 Months

Merry Christmas...and Happy 14 months to us!
This past month was an exciting and busy one for both of us, which was great because the month passed pretty quickly! Eric had to travel for work; first to Belfast, Ireland and then (only 36 hours after getting home) he travelled to Wichita, Kansas. I was very thankful that we were able to "chat" a little every day. On Christmas Eve, we hosted a small party for some of our family and friends. On Christmas day we went to my brother's in the morning and then we came home and had a small Christmas dinner with my mom, and Eric's parents and his brother. It was a small quiet family celebration.

House Update:
We sold our house! And we'll be moving in a little more than a month! This next month will probably also fly by...seeing as we'll be packing and planning our move and once we get the new place we'll be painting and settling in. We're really happy about the move. While we love our current home, it is a little small. The new place will have more living space and Gram-Gram will be living just downstairs! We're nostalgic about leaving this is afterall the house where we planned on starting our family. We have already painted the Little One's room...we're a little sad to know that our Little One won't see it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner

Our Christmas preparations are in full swing; the tree is up (an extra special thank you to Gram-Gram...Thanks Mom!), there are lights in the window and the shopping is almost done. All that's left to do now is the rest of the baking...oh and the wrapping!

I love Christmas...spending time with family and friends...relaxing and celebrating!

Over the years, the Christmas season has at times been both joyful and depressing, fun-filled and stressful. There were some Christmases where we felt like we spent the day in the car for all of the visits we did; there were others where I was so sad I felt as though I wouldn't be able to make it through the day; and then there were others that were joy-filled and magical.

This year is special it may be our last as a couple...we have waited for so long to be I wonder if I will miss the relative calmness of our Christmases...and wonder how we will adjust to the relative craziness that is Christmas with children...whatever happens...we're looking forward to it!