Tuesday, April 27, 2010

18 Months

We've finally made it to the eighteenth month! We're excited to know that we could get the call anytime now, however, we know that there are at least two families in Quebec who have been waiting for 26 months (2 months past the projected 18-24 month waiting times). We are hoping and praying that "the call" will come soon and while we wait, we're keeping busy...

In March, Tammy's grandmother fell ill and needed to have two rather risky angioplasty procedures. We're thankful that she is now recovering and is feeling much better.

Hobbes (our "puppy") had a small bump on his side that developed into a sore, following a visit to the vet and a biopsy, our vet informed us that it was a mastocytoma and had to be removed right away. Poor Hobbes had to have surgery to remove the tumour and left him with a 6" scar on his side! We've spent most of the past month nursing him back to health...tomorrow he goes to the vet to have his stitches removed! We received the report following the surgery and it said that all of the tumour was removed. We have to keep a close eye on his health, but he should be fine. Talk about a relief!

Eric had some holidays left over from last year that needed to be used up, so this past weekend, he had a 6 day weekend. While he was off, we decided that it would be a good time to begin working on mom's kitchen. So, in the last seven days, we took up the floating floor, discovered a carpet under the floating floor, took up the carpet, screwed down the subfloor, put in a new plywood floor, screwed in the new floor, put down the tile, and grouted the tile. I should mention that it was the first time we ever tried our hand at tiling... good thing that we had a good friend along to hold our hand through the process! We also decided that we should re-tile the entrance to mom's and the side entrance to our place (which meant removing the old cracked tiles - that's crazy big job). So as of tonight...the kitchen is tiled...and the entrances are ready for tiles! Poor Eric is going back to work and he didn't even have one day off! I guess he's going to go and "relax" at the office tomorrow ;)

Little One... we want to meet you so much... we are tired of waiting... we are anxious to know you and to love you and though we know that the timing will be perfect when you finally come home to us, the waiting is hard. We hope and pray that you are well cared for and most especially that you know that you are loved!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 18th...

Predictions...predictions...months back, some friends of ours predicted that we would get our proposal on April 18th. The fun thing about predictions is that they give you a deadline to look forward to, the unfun thing about predictions is that when the deadline passes, you feel a little let down. Oh well! The wait continues...