Saturday, March 27, 2010

17 Months

Gram-Gram (Tammy's Mom) is moving in today! We've been planning this day for a while now and it’s a little surreal that the day is actually here.
On the home front, this month was a continuation of last month - paint, paint and more paint! We are getting close to being done with the paint... but now we have a kitchen to install in Gram-Gram's suite.
Rachelle was home for a month and a bit and just this week left for a two month mission with MSF in Haiti. We got word yesterday that she arrived safely... is living in a tent... and is very very busy.
On the adoption front, there was a proposal this week in Quebec... it was the first since January, we're hopeful that more proposals will be on their way soon, however with the Easter Holiday coming up it may be mid-April before there’s another proposal... but you never know! As far as the wait goes, we have been so busy that the weeks and months are just flying by - which helps a lot! We are anxious to get The Call, and when the cell phone rings we often think... this could be it; however, we are conscious that there are some families from Quebec who have been waiting for more than 25 months at this point... so I guess you could say that we're cautiously optimistic.