Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 Months

For the past little while, we've been trying to go out on dates more often. We think that it's a good habit to get into before our Little One comes along. Since our vacation to Newfoundland last summer, we've been trying to find a good restaurant that serves fish and chips as good as we had there. We decided to try an Irish pub next to our favorite bookstore and we were pretty successful... the fish still wasn't as good as in Newfoundland, but it was a decent second.

A family tradition that we do every spring, is going to the Cabane a sucre. This year, we went a little later in the spring, so there wasn't really any snow left on the ground, but it was a beautiful sunny and warm day and it was a nice way to spend the day with the family.
This is Britney looking in the sap bucket and declaring "it's just water"

Also in the spring, Eric's mom goes to visit her parents for about six weeks, they live in Abbotsford, BC. Before she left, we all got together for a brunch at our house. I love hosting brunch... yummy crepes... maple syrup, omelet and bacon.

Eric's sister had some time off, so we decided to go and visit a friend of ours who lives in New Hampshire (NH). I had a crazy thought one evening that we should drive to New York City while we were in NH (I should mention that I really didn't realize how far NH was from NYC). Rachelle has always loved Nate Berkus... and so I wrote to the show and asked for tickets. Lo and behold they gave us tickets to the show... we did go to visit our friend in NH, but only for one night, then we headed to NYC... and NATE!
We stayed in NYC for two nights and three days. The first day, we drove straight to the Hotel/Hostel that we were staying at, dropped off our things and headed over to NATE. It was a little surreal for both of us to be at the taping, even though we were kind of disappointed with where they sat us (as far away and high up as possible). At the taping, NATE told us that we were all going home with a BBQ. We were sure that they would be giving us a gift card, or certificate or something, but as we were leaving the show, we were given a garbage bag that held a small charcoal BBQ. We had a long trek back to the Hotel/Hostel in the rain with our BBQs. We then headed to Times Square - if you've never been to Times Square at is something that truly must be experienced - the lights + the ads + the people = sensory overload! The next day, we had planned a full day of shopping - we walked for more than 12 hours...oh my aching feet. We finished off the day with a delicious dinner at one of New York's best Indian restaurants. The third and final day, we went shopping again at Chelsea Market and then we headed over to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Eric and I have been talking about visiting NYC for the past few years, and this year, we've decided to go to NYC for our summer vacation...well actually, for a few days during our summer vacation. We both researched NYC hotels and Eric found one for us for the end of June. We'll be going for three nights and four days. I love that NYC is so big that you can visit more than once and each trip can be an entirely different experience.
Over the Easter weekend, we hosted another brunch for Eric's family for easter, and my mom hosted easter dinner for us and my brother's family. Oh...the chocolate...I made these cute little eggs...delicious!
We've been watching the hockey playoffs...and sadly tonight, our team is out (they lost to Renee's team).

As far as the wait goes, for now, it's going well, we've accepted that the call will come when the call will come, and so we are trying to be patient and keep busy while we if only the phone would ring!