Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eight Months

Already eight months...hard to believe that it has passed so quickly and harder yet to think that we have another 10 or more to go!
This month we met some of our bloggy friends for coffee...they don't live in our area. It was so nice to meet them in person. It was interesting to talk about the various phases of adoption, and see how similar or different our experiences have been. I am looking forward to seeing them again soon. And I have been thinking of how great it will be when we can introduce our Little Ones to each other!

Eric's sister Rachelle who just came back home after a year of working with MSF in Africa, was offered a six month position in the Philippines again with MSF. She accepted and is leaving for the Philippines this weekend. We are proud of her and the work that she is doing to help people. The situation however brings with it, mixed emotions for me, while I am happy for her that she is doing something that she loves and is good for the world, I am sad too because I want to be getting on that plane to go to the Philippines. I was surprised by my reaction, and after some contemplation, I realized that going the Philippines means much more than getting on a plane, it has become symbolic - kind of like when a woman goes into labour, she is not just going to the hospital, she knows that this is it, she is going to see her baby very soon. Rachelle and I have talked about it, and she was very understanding, and now that we've talked about it, I am feeling better about it. I will miss her terribly... I always do... but we'll manage stay in touch... thank God for e-mail!

I started to work on the Little One's quilt this month. I have chosen the fabrics, blues, greens, yellows and brown. I have the top of the quilt finished and now have to think of the pattern I'll use for the back of the quilt.
That is all the news for this month...we're enjoying the beginning of our summer holidays and looking forward to spending time with family and friends from near and far this summer.


Amber said...

Congrats on eight months! Time is just flying by, isn't it?!
I can't wait to introduce our little ones to each other and to watch them play together too...
I'm looking forward to getting together again with you guys soon!
We're only two hours away now, and Raph travels to Montreal quite regularly for work :0)

Allison Family said...

Eight months...time will go by fast. The wait was hard when I thought about it, but when I wasn't, time really did fly by! Just keep busy...that was the advice the social worker gave us!

I understand your feelings about your sister in law going to the Philippines and how badly you wish it was you. Maybe she can provide you with some cultural information that will be helpful to you.

I can't wait to see pictures of the quilt! Enjoy the summer!

emilie said...

may i make an unsolicited suggestion (or at least plant the seed for a trip)? why not travel to the Philippines, too? it seems most APs only get to travel to the Philippines when they pick up their child, and even then, the stay is for a very short period. i realize some of this is financial. but while it is expensive to travel to the country (though the cost is not much more than traveling to some other more popular tourist destinations around the world), it is fairly inexpensive to travel within the country itself especially if you are willing to be a budget traveler. it would be great to experience first-hand a little of where your child is from.
it wouldn't be the same as going to meet and pick up your child, but it would give you the chance to get to know a little bit of the place beforehand, even if only in a general sense. Best wishes :-)

Tam-A-Roo said...

Amber - Time IS flying by! Before we know it we'll be arranging play dates for our Little Ones!

Tammy - We're keeping busy...this past month was tough...but only because this MSF thing caught us totally off guard - my SIL only talked about working in the Philippines thing kind of threw me a little

Emilie - Thanks for the great suggestion! We would love to travel to the Philippines, but for us, right now the finances are just not there. We are planning on extending our trip as much as we can when we adopt, and I am looking SO forward to that!

Thanks for your encouragement, I am glad that I have some bloggy friends who understand what I'm going through, not all of our family and friends do (which is understandable)

Update: Rachelle is in Switzerland for a week, on her way to Philippines and she is doing well...and although I miss her already, I am happy for her to have the opportunity to travel the world. We believe that there is a reason for everything; even though we don't always understand why things happen; and we are looking forward to seeing what is in store for us!

Jenny said...

Yea! 8 months! I am sure the busy summer months will make the next few months fly by.

I love the idea that you are making a quilt for your little one. Wish I was crafty. Actually, I have my mom making Levi a small one that will be the perfect size for the plane and his car seat.