Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nine Months

Nine months already...our baby should be here any day...WAIT...we're not ready...the room isn't finished, we don't have all the supplies...what are we going to do?! Just kidding! We're adopting...and that means that we probably have at least another nine months to wait...but that's ok, because if the second nine months passes as quickly as the first nine months, our Little One will be here before we know it.

We have been very busy this month...we had a mini "stay-cation". Eric had some time off of work and we decided that since we'll have an amazing vacation to the Philippines sometime in the next year or so, that we would stay close to home this year. We did enjoy a spa day in Mont-Tremblant, took care of some things at home, had dinner with some new friends and then drove to Burlington for a day trip. We have been contemplating a move. Its a big one...we're thinking of buying a new house that would give us more room and would have an apartment in it for my mom. Our house is for sale and we're playing the waiting game...while trying to remain patient. Have I mentioned before that I don't have much patience when it comes to waiting? So we're keeping busy cleaning the house and showing the house...and cleaning the house and showing the house...

We also spent an extra special week with our nephew and our niece. Since I'm not working for the moment, I was lucky enough to have a whole week with them. We went to Parc Safari, a children's museum, and a farm and we spent two days at home swimming in their pool. It was the first time we've been able to spend so much time with them and it was so fun...exhausting...but fun!


Janice et Stéphane said...

Congratulations on your 9 months!!!
It's nice to read you, it had been a while :o).
Glad you had a nice vacation.
Good luck with selling, I'm sure you won't have any problems.

Amber said...

Yay, congratulations on your nine months :0)
So that's what you were referring guys are moving! How exciting! That's great. I know how stressful moving can be, we just went through it ourselves...but it's also really nice to find a great house, in a good neighbourhood, that's bigger. I remember and showing the house, and then starting the process all over again! Ahh, good memories...ha, ha, ha!
That's cool that you'll have an apartment for your mom :0) Did you guys find a house yet?
Okay, my comment is getting way too long...I should e-mail you!
Good luck with the selling of the house...keep me posted!