Monday, January 25, 2010

15 Months

Well, tomorrow marks the turning of another chapter in the story of our lives...15 months waiting for our Little One AND we get our new house! We're almost completely packed now...which was my goal...we wanted to have our house almost completely packed by that in the next week and a bit we'll be focusing on the new place; cleaning; painting; and slowly moving in. We're pretty excited about going to the new place tomorrow, we actually bought the house back in August and we haven't seen the house since then. We do have some photos...but it's not quite the same!

We're excited about the move because we'll have more room and it will be a better home for our Little One, but we're sad that our Little One will never see the (first) room that we prepared for them. I have been having some trouble sleeping so the other night I slept in that room, and when I woke up in the morning, I was once again struck by how much I like waking up in the room. The other day Eric took a video of our house and hearing him talk about the Little One's room brought tears to my eyes...we'll prepare another room of course...but we're a little sentimental about this room.

In the past couple of months, there have been a few proposals and it is always exciting to hear that there are proposals in Quebec...I was especially happy to hear about the families who had been waiting for 23 months and finally received their proposals. And I have to admit that there was a point last week where I thought..."I hope we don't get the call this week because it'll be too crazy!" Talk about keeping yourself busy to keep yourself distracted from the adoption process! That moment was short lived though...don't worry...we are back to looking forward to getting the call! Oh and as far as their room goes...we're going to wait for now and once we receive our proposal...then we'll begin the room!


Renee and Brian said...

Congratulations on moving into your new home and reaching the 15 month mark. I really hope that it's not too much longer before you receive your referral and then you can get started on the little one's room. Won't that be exciting! My fingers and toes are crossed that we both hear something very soon.

Méli said...

Félicitation pour vos 15 mois, bon déménagement et une proposition bientôt.
Mélissa xx

Patricia & Yan said...

Wow congrats for your 15 month!!! The call will come soon!! And what a great timing for the moving, you will have this other project not to think always about your little one to come :) ... I wish you good memories in that new home with your little angel!!

Patriciaxx (14 month)

Vicky et Jérémie said...

Wow!! Bravo pour vos 15 mois. C'est déjà une belle étape de franchie. Bon déménagement dans votre nouvelle maison où vous aurez le bonheur d'accueillir votre premier enfant! Que de joies!
Pour le bout de tissu, je te dis un beau OUI! Il me ferait plaisir d'avoir un bout de tissu de votre propre courtepointe dans celle de notre petit espoir! Alors, fais moi signe après ton déménagement et je vais te laisser mon adresse postale à ce moment!
merci! Et bon déménagement!! xx

Allison Family said...

Congrats on 15 months! Good luck on the move! Hope you hear something soon!

cathy said...

Hi Tammy, just reading that you slept in the old baby's room brought tears to my eyes, but when the baby at some point sees the video of what you and Eric did to the room they will love it also. Hope you hear something soon, Love you, Auntie Cathy xxooxxo

Amber said...

Congratulations on your fifteen months, and your new house!! I'm sure the news baby room will be as beautiful and peaceful as the first one...can't wait to see pictures!! Good luck with the move :)