Monday, January 11, 2010

For you, Little One

We're I mention packing? We began packing for the move, by packing up our Little One's's amazing...they're not here yet...but they have lots of stuff already. We want to make sure that all of the boxes for the Little One are clearly know...just in case we get the call.

Many months ago I began a quilt for our Little One's crib...and thought that I would make a smaller version to send to our Little One when we get the call. Just to be sure the quilt would be ready, I took a break from packing one evening and finished the quilt!


Patricia & Yan said...

Wow what a great quilt you did it's totally beautiful!!! For sure you're little baby will love it!!!


Vicky et Jérémie said...

Bonjour! Je crois que tu dois parler un peu français car tu m'as laissé un message sur mon blog il y a quelques jours! J'arrive à lire un peu en anglais mais difficile d'écrire!;(
Ta courtepointe est vraiment magnifique. C'est drôle je voulais justement faire une doudou de cette façon pour envoyer à notre enfant lors de notre jumelage...j'en parlais justement sur mon blog il y a quelques semaines.Il semble que nous avons les mêmes inspirations! ;)
Si tu as le goût de participer à notre bai jia bei, tu es aussi la bienvenue!
Je vous souhaite un appel le plus tôt possible! ;) xx

Renee and Brian said...

You did a great job with the quilt. I've gotten into other crafty things, but never quilting. I'm sure that your son/daughter will love it! My fingers are crossed that we both hear something very soon. Good luck with all of the packing.

Amber said...

Wow, the quilt is amazing! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Good luck with the move, and I'm hoping you get the call very, very soon!!

Allison Family said...

What an amazing gift! What a is beautiful!

Good luck with all the packing and the move!

Janice said...

OMG! Your quilt is Sooo beautiful! You are so talented Tammy. It's a beautiful gift for your baby, quilts last forever.
I've been off the web so long that I missed your post about selling your house, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! :o) You must be sooo excited. ALL the best for 2010 :o)


Deborah said...

It's beautiful! It's so neat that you made a smaller one to send when you get the call.


Anonymous said...

Wow...beautifal when I saw what you wrote on the quilt it brought tears to my eyes...good luck in your new home and I hope you will get the call soon.
Love you, Auntie Cathy XXOOXXOO