Saturday, February 27, 2010

16 Months

Today marks 16 months of waiting for our Little One...will it be "Sweet 16?". We have been very busy this month so the month flew by! We moved at the beginning of February and we've been painting for the past month. We bought a great house...that needed a lot of paint!! We saw the size and layout and loved the house... and figured "well it's just paint", a month later and the painting is only about half done... We've received a ton of help from friends and family and are not sure how to repay them - maybe cookies (!?) The place is starting to look and feel more like our that is nice!

We have to start focusing now on setting up the basement for Tammy's mom who is moving in by April first. It will be an interesting change in our lives - but a very welcome one.

There weren't any proposals in Quebec in February :(

We're hoping and praying that our update will help our file get noticed and that we'll be getting our proposal really really really soon. We're keeping a level head about it though, we know that there are many couples who have been waiting longer than us, so we're starting to mentally prepare that we'll be waiting until at least the fall for our proposal.

The other big news in February was that Rachelle came home from the Philippines! She was there living in Mindanao for 6 months while working for Doctors without Borders. She loved it! She brought us home many stories about the Philippines, some travel tips and some dried Mango!!! Oh so Good!!

And so...back to painting...and waiting...


Patricia & Yan said...

wow wow wow what a great waiting time!! 16 month that's great! Soon in two month you'll be in the "delai" (18-24). I think that your papers going in Phillipines can surely help and that you can have good news sooner than you think... who knows? And i'm happy your lovin your new house but what a job painting! A great way not to think too much... Hope you a great and fast waiting :)

Allison Family said...

Hoping you hear something soon! Dried Filipino mango is amazing!

Vicky et Jérémie said...

Bonjour Tammy!
J'ai reçu ton charmant bout de est magnifique! Merci beaucoup! C'est gentil et très apprécié! Au plaisir de se croiser au pique-nique annuel! Votre attente commence à tirer à sa fin!!!! ;)