Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update Completed

On Monday afternoon we received a call from youth protection to tell us that our update is completed and ready for pick up. I went to pick it up and I drove it directly to the Agency's office. The office was happy to see that our file didn't need to be translated! I'm glad to know that our update is now on its way to ICAB! We're ready! Little One....we're ready for you!

While we're waiting, we're settling in around here...doing more painting...most of the boxes have been unpacked...Once we're done upstairs...we'll move to painting the basement...Mom will be moving in before we know it! I think we may wait to decorate the Little One's room and the Playroom until after we receive the proposal...but you never know when the decorating bug will bite!


Patricia & Yan said...

Wow your update is going to Icab... You'll have pretty soon an awnser from them and a REFERAL!! I hope that will not take long and that you, your husband and your little one get happy in your new house!!


Renee and Brian said...

I'm so happy to hear that your update is on it's way. We are still waiting to speak so someone so we can find out how long it will take to meet with a social worker. I think we are in for a very long wait. One family had to wait 1 year to get their update completed. They are telling us that we need to do both an ICAB update and a provincial update and they won't send the ICAB update without having our provincial update completed. This is driving me crazy but I'm very happy to hear that things went smoothly for you. My fingers are crossed that your referral is right around the corner!!

Renee and Brian said...

Hi again,
Could you please e-mail me as I have a few questions about the updating process. I tried to e-mail you with your address here, but I couldn't get it to work. My address is renee_squires@yahoo.ca
Thanks alot,

Allison Family said...

Congrats on having your update done. Good luck and have fun with the new house!