Saturday, November 6, 2010

11 years and an adoptive family conference

11 years ago today I married my friend! (I know its cheesy) We didn't know then what the future would hold, and even though we have had our share of trials along the way, there has been a lot of fun and happiness too...and I would do it all over again!

This morning, some of our extended family and friends participated in a pre-adoption conference. We were so thankful that so many of our family & friends were able to attend, it really means a lot to us! We have had only positive feedback. Many said that they learned something new, or that they saw things from a different perspective after the conference. It has increased everyone's excitement, for some it was a reality check...this is happening and it's happening soon!

It was also Eric's grandma's 85th birthday, so after the conference we went out for lunch with his family. We try to get together a few times a year to keep in was really nice to see everyone! Grandmaman was looking great, and she was happy to have all of the family together...especially little Jade!

Since we had such a busy day, we decided not to celebrate our anniversary today, so we had a few friends over, and I made homemade pita bread...the first batch didn't turned out too thick and tough (we'll use them for pita pizza's this week). The second batch turned out great! I think might be making pita on a regular basis.


Agnes said...

Happy anniversary Tam & Eric!!!!

Patricia & Yan said...

11 year!! Great!! Congratulation!! Really hope you'll get the call before christmas... Who know's miracle can happen :)


Allison Family said...

Congrats on 11 years! Glad the conference was a positive experience. Hoping you hear something soon!!!

Méli said...

11 years, it's great!!
I hope a call for you soon!!