Sunday, November 28, 2010

25 Months and 1000 days

We celebrated our 25th month of waiting for our Little One in the USA. On Thursday (American Thanksgiving), we drove to Wrentham,MA with some of our close friends. After the 6 hour drive, we arrived at 10:30pm at the Wrentham Outlets, there was a major traffic jam on the highway to get to the outlets, and the stores didn't even open until midnight! We shopped all night, and after a hearty breakfast at Cracker.Barrel (I LOVE Cracker.Barrel), we headed to our hotel for some much needed sleep. We slept until noon and then headed out to do more shopping. We found some amazing deals and some new treasures (like my beautiful teal coach purse! 50% +50% +20% off) and an amazing deal on an espresso maker!

Earlier this month, we went out for dinner with another couple who is also adopting from the Philippines. We met at the CLSC courses we took in the spring and have decided to stay in touch. We went to a small filipino restaurant in Montreal. Before dinner, Eric and I walked around the neighborhood which has a few filipino shops and we had fun looking and buying some authentic filipino foods. We bought all the fixings to make Pancit and Pork Adobo. We made our homemade filipino dinner and we really enjoyed it! I particularly liked the pancit!

In our quest to finish working on the house, we decided to tackle the playroom. The room is a combination playroom and library (for all of Eric's books), he's pretty happy to finally have his books out of storage(it's only been 10 months since we moved in!). Our inspiration for the room came from this bedroom that we saw on the Pottery.Barn website.

After getting more bad news on the adoption front, we decided it was time to get another puppy...Introducing...OSCAR!

After losing Hobbes in the spring, we thought that since we were close to the end of our wait for a proposal we would wait before getting another puppy, but after all the bad news lately and the possibility that we may have to wait for another year before we get the call, we decided that we would get a puppy now. We've had Oscar for about three weeks, he's a cute little guy don't you think?

1000's been 1000 days since we started the adoption process...I'm really hoping that the end of the wait is near!


Renee and Brian said...

Tammy,I pray everyday that you guys get the call very soon. I know that I found that part of the wait the most difficult and hopefully the end is near. Your trip to the US sounded fun. Lucky you with your new purse!!!! I've never eaten at Cracker Barrell but I do looooove cracker barrell cheese so I'm sure I'd love it! Take care and you doggie is sooo cute!

Wendy said...

OMG! Oscar is a doll. What a face!!!!

Jennifer said...

Girl, you are a hardy shopper! I give you big time credit for driving so many hours and then shopping all night through the Black Friday crowds! I am nowhere near that brave, and I bow to you :)
It sounds like you've been doing a lot to keep yourselves busy during the long wait, and hopefully that will be helping to take some of the edge off. (1000 days? Ouch.) Your Oscar looks like a sweetheart. Adorable.
Hopefully not *too* much longer!

Méli said...

Je vous le souhaite vraiment.. il ne vous en reste plus pour longtemps. Oscar est vraiment mignon, votre petit s'amusera beaucoup avec lui!!

Grace said...

Thinking of you, Tammy. :) Maybe one of these days we can meet for a coffee ... in the Philippines. :)

Allison Family said...

The wait is definitely the hardest part. Enjoy Oscar...we took in a stray pup during our wait time and he definitely helped pass the time! Oscar is a cute dog. Enjoy the Christmas season. Prayers are with you!

The Roberts Family said...

Keeping you in our prayers. We have just past the 19th month of waiting. Like the others, I hope ICAB is just being cautious by saying 36 months. Hang in there...and Cracker Barrel is the BEST!!