Sunday, March 27, 2011

29 Months

March was a crazy busy month... Tammy watched over Eric's young cousins Lea and Justine during March break at the cottage aunt Lise rented in the Laurentians - skating and sledding fun was had.

Eric's grandmaman was released from the hospital after falling (again). So we moved her to a new floor in the seniors home with the services she needs. We all got togther and we managed to move her in and have everything settled in one day.

We've been doing a little decorating around the house, putting things up on the walls and hanging new curtains.

We live about 5 minutes from the St-Lawrence river and we discovered a park called Recreoparc which we went to for the first time last weekend - we walked with the puppies, it was a neat discovery - a natural oasis in midst of suburbia.

This weekend was in a sense, the final culmination of Play it Forward Kids for 2010... Tammy and her brother Tim planned out a day for two really special kids who's guardians wrote in to explain their special situations. Both kids shared a dream, they wanted to see the Montreal Canadiens play and their favorite player is Carey Price (the goalie). So it was decided we'd work on both their dreams. The first boy had a mild case of autism and was under the full time care of his grandparents (lets call him Jeffy). The second boy (Billy) lives in a group home and had been abandoned by his parents and then lived through a failed placement in a foster family. With what could be gleaned from the letters it seemed a sure thing that Jeffy had the harder luck in life, but Billy really broke both Tammy and Tim's heart. He had a really good social worker accompany him but he just would have no connection with adults. As the day went on the social worker explained as opportunity allowed just how Billy's issues with attachement affected him - he is unable to trust adults. Billy without the degree of "physical" issues still had way more behavioral problems than Jeffy did. The day itself went really well - Billy and Jeffy got along really well (Billy was saying at the end of the night Jeffy was his new best friend, and he didn't want to leave). We had a Lincoln Navigator Limosine pick up the boys and drive them to the Bell Centre, we toured around the area, ate lunch at a restaurant, the boys were then treated to a tour of the Bell Centre and the Hall of Fame, and then the hightlight of the day...great seats @ the Bell Centre for the hockey game and a ride on the Zamboni! The Canadiens had a bad game, but the rest of the day was tons of fun... The day ended with a drive home in the Limosine. Here's a link to my FB photo album.

Tammy, leading up to (and through the first half of the day) was pretty stressed - but most everything worked out well. We over-planned and then were able to cut back some things to tailor the day for the boys. We'll never forget these two little ones.

We've now completed 29 months of waiting...we really, really hope that our turn is coming soon. We're doing ok, we're keeping busy, but we're really ready to start on the next phase...the wait continues...


Patricia et Michaël said...

woww congrat!! 29 month yes your baby comming soon!
patricia xxx

Méli said...

29 month, your referal coming soon!! It's awesome what you did for this two boys!!

Jennifer said...

What a great day for you and the two boys - that must have been a really awesome and fulfilling experience. I hope Eric's grandmaman is doing better now. And I really, really hope that this is YOUR month!

Wendy said...

Your turn is coming soon. This month (April). I feel it.

Renee and Brian said...

Tammy, I totally hope that Wendy is right and that April is your month. I'm hoping and praying everyday for you guys!!! What a wonderful Easter gift a referral would make!! We all can't wait to get word that your turn has finally come. Take care mama!! I also think it's great what you guys did for those two little boys. I'm sure it is a moment both of them will never forget!

Agnes said...

Tammy!!!! The phone will ring soon to bring you your good news!!!!!

Allison Family said...

What a neat sounding day.

I hope you hear something soon on the adoption front!!! Best wishes!

Maija said...

hi Tammy
you are not alone!! We also sent our dossier in Sept 2008, got approved in Jan 2009 and still waiting.... I hope you will hear good news soon!
Take care!
br Maija (from MMB in FB)