Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pre-Adoption Class 1

While meeting with our social worker last spring, she recommended that we take a Pre-Adoption course that is offered at a (somewhat) local CLSC. It is a six or seven week course that covers a bunch of adoption related subjects. We're really looking forward to the courses!
Tonights class was basically an introduction to the series, and an introduction to our classmates (there are two other couples adopting from the Philippines (one couple is waiting for their acceptance, and the other has been waiting just two weeks less than us) two couples adopting from South Korea; and one couple adopting from Vietnam).
The main topic of discussion was the evaluation of a "case study", a boy named "Simon". Simon was a two year old boy who was born in Quebec but his biological mom could not take care of him, so he was sent to live with a foster family in a remote part of Quebec (where they only speak french). One day, his foster mom told him that a forever family was found for him, in Tanzania.
We discussed what it would be like for little Simon to travel from one side of the world to the other, how he would feel, how he would probably have sensory overload, how he would probably be scared of a lot of things, including the people who were to be his forever family, how there would be many different sights, sounds smells, clothes etc...
I really enjoyed going through the "case study" it was very eye opening. We have discussed how difficult it could be for our child to adapt to us and to our home and our family and friends, but going through the exercise really helped to bring it home for us. We now have some tools to help us for the inevitable discussions about why everyone can not meet us at the airport.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

Jessica Rice here!! Did you go to the classes on the west island? We did those classes and really enjoyed them.

And good idea about the airport! You'll probably have people frustrated with you for not allowing them to be at the airport but this is soooo important for your child (that was our experience anyway)! It may even be important not to have a lot of visitors the first week also...we had lots of visitors and we lived and learned! Being just the 3 of us was soooo important to Nathaniel's bonding/attachment to us! Next time (Lord Willing), no visiting for at least the 1st week!

Thinking/praying for you guys!

Jess, Jon & Nathaniel :-)

Tam-A-Roo said...

Hi Jessica,
We are going to the classes in the west island...we're enjoying them so far...some of the info is a little repetitive; Eric and I have read a bunch of books; but the social worker has lots of it's good. We're about halfway through now...I'm just behind on my blogging ;)

Méli said...

J'aimerai bien assisté à ses atelier, nous sommes loin de ses services, mais je ne désespère pas d'en trouve dans mon coin.