Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pre-Adoption Class 2

This week we discussed the grieving process in adoption; the importance of parent's grief as well as the grieving process that we can anticipate our child having. It is evident that it will be challenging dealing with issues that we know little about and for which our child will lack the tools to communicate...

The animator shared with us the importance of having a Roots Box as well as having a Treasure Chest. Both Eric and I wrote down that we need to talk to Uncle Tim about making the Roots Box and the Treasure Chest. He said he's got lots of ideas already... We can't wait to see what Uncle Tim creates for you, Little One. I don't think we've mentioned it here before, but your Uncle Tim and Auntie Charleen are very much looking forward to meeting you, Little One!

We liked most of the ideas that were shared about the Roots Box, and we're looking forward to putting our own together for our Little One. I especially liked the tip to plasticize everything (not the originals) so that the Little One can play with them...afterall it is their Roots Box.

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