Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Medical done!

We found out on Friday that Nicolas travelled from Cebu to Manila and had his Medical on Wednesday July 13th! His passport is now being processed, next up will be his visa, and then...we travel!! We're meeting with Quebec.Immigration tomorrow morning... After all the time we've waited, we now feel things are moving at the speed of light (we're NOT complaining though)!

We have some posts that we've been working on...but haven't had a chance to post them yet. We've been working on crossing items off of our GIANT to do list...things are getting done, but it seems like every time we cross something off the list, we think of three things to add to it! We're eating this elephant one bite at a time!

We'll write more as soon as we can!


Renee and Brian said...

This is all sooo freakin exciting!!!! It is wonderful that things are finally moving along fast. It's about time!!!!! Nicholas will definitely be home where he belongs by your birthday. Be sure to let me know whenever you find out about his visa appt. Great news mama!!!

Méli said...

C'est excitant tout ça, la plupart voyage environ un mois après le médical.. c'est tout près!
Bonne chance avec la liste à faire!

Patricia & Yan said...

Wow it's very fast !!! So excited for you :) And for your to do list one thing at a time and you'll get it all done and after?? Your gonna get the call tho reach your little dream :)No prob for your not writing often, we completly understand. Have a good "rendez-vous" tomorrow at the immigration ;)


Jennifer said...

How amazing! I didn't realize things were coming along so quickly, but I'm so glad they are! Like Renee said - "Sooo freakin exciting!" I couldn't agree with her more! I hope you're getting the call to travel very soon!

Melanie said...

Things do move along quickly after the referral comes in :) It's so exciting!!! A little piece of advice... SLEEP WHILE YOU CAN!!! :-)) Seriously, babies do keep us awake... and when they are sleeping, we want to watch them sleep instead of catching up on sleep ourselves ;) Enjoy your time as a "couple", soon, you'll be a family of 3 and you'll be running around like crazy!! (You'll LOVE it!!) ;-)

Allison Family said...

I feel the excitement right along with you. I remember those days...I am so excited for you!!! Praying you get everything done you need to get done, and you'll be traveling in no time!!! :)