Monday, August 8, 2011


We have a list...actually we have many, many lists...there are so many things to think about and to do that we need multiple lists to help us to keep it all together.

Nicolas' room is ready, I have to finish his quilt, and if we find a light fixture that we like, then we'll change that, but other than that, his room is waiting for him! The playroom is almost ready too...we have one final detail to paint and a little more organizing to do to the bookshelves, but it is mostly ready for him.

We are doing well while we wait...time is passing really quickly! Our summer has been packed full of activities and home reno projects. The home reno lists are getting shorter...we may not be able to finish all the projects before Nicolas comes home, but we're doing our best.

We are now just waiting for the call from the agency that will tell us that we can travel...we're expecting that we'll get the call sometime this month!!! I still can't believe that we'll be meeting our son soon!

We've also been trying to plan for our's hard to plan when you are missing some key information. We're researching the main areas that we'll be visiting and we're trying to do as much planning as we can. We're preparing to be ready for anything.


Patricia & Yan said...

It's so soon Tammy :) I'm so happy to see your happy and you are saying it's not that long that second wait... Hope you'll get the call pretty soon to have your little one in your arms :)


Jennifer said...

So exciting, Tammy! Can't wait for you to get that very big call! So, how did you decorate his room?

Wendy said...

So exciting, Tammy!

Melanie said...

Wow, a few more weeks and you'll be holding Nicolas in your arms :) Such an exciting time that you are in right now Tammy, enjoy every minute of it! :))

Renee and Brian said...

It won't be long now!!!!! When you get that final call to travel, you're gonna be crazy busy and then you'll blink and Nicolas will be in your arms. Where he belongs!!!! I'm still so excited for you guys. Enjoy this amazing time preparing for your little one!