Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nicolas' Room

We're putting the finishing touches on Nicolas' room. We are really happy with how it all came together. It's a peaceful, happy place...we'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Eric drew the trees on the wall and I painted them.
There are also cute little bugs hanging out on the walls too...bees and ladybugs and dragonflies.
He also drew and painted the owl :)
The red moose on the wall is from can hang things from the antlers and the legs.
We have curtains...they're missing here though.

The alphabet cards were the first purchase we made for our Little One!
This whole wall is one big closet.
I wish I could do something about the mirrors (I really dislike them...but for now they're here to stay)

The newest addition to our little Moose family...handmade with love by Gram-Gram.
Lapu-Lapu is a smaller version of the original Moose (Ferdinand) we used for our announcement book.


Patricia & Yan said...

wow so awsome this little room for your little Nicoleas. He for sure will love it. We can feel all the love you put in!!

Soon you'll get the call to reach your boy, I can feel it!!


Renee and Brian said...

Everything looks great!!!! Nicolas is going to love his room. I think he is going to really enjoy those big mirrors. Rafael is always wanting me to lift him up to the bathroom sink so that he can look at himself and make funny faces. You have so much fun ahead mama!!!! How much longer now do you think before you can travel??????

Bubbis said...

Nicholas' room is AWESOME! And I agree, I think he will enjoy the mirrors...Nathaniel always wants to look in our long mirror in our room. Great job mommy and daddy! :-)

Anonymous said...

it looks great! great moose names. are their namesakes the famous explorer and the datu that took him down?

Vicky et Jérémie said...

Quelle belle chambre remplie d'amour!! Vivement qu'il soit là!!
Mais je vois ta courtepointe?! Vous n'avez pas envoyé celle-ci?

Wendy said...

OMG! I LOVE it!!!!! Can I come live with you and you'll make me a cute bedroom, too? Best room ever!

Jennifer said...

What an absolutely fantastic room! I love the shade of blue that you picked, and the moose theme is just awesome. Nicolas is going to be right at home in this room, and I can see you cuddling him in that rocking chair already. Beautiful job!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Thanks so much everyone!

@ trueloveandhomegrowntomatoes - yes it hubby is a history and geography buff

@vicky - i made Nicolas a small quilt that I sent to him when we sent our acceptance and I have one that I am making for his bed.

Melanie said...

Wow nice room that you've created for your little Nicolas :) And don't stress over the mirrors... Jasmine loves to look at herself ... of course you'll get plenty of little hands in those mirrors but it's ok :) A few more weeks and Nicolas will be in your arms :))

nissa Anne&Luc said...

It's so nice !!! Il do like it, Congratulations...

Chantal, Zackary et Cie said...

Wow ! I love it!
Just found out that you guys had a blog !
Can`t wait to hear from you again !