Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The perfect stroller for us!

Before leaving for our NYC mini vacation, we were doing some research about strollers.

We knew the stroller we wanted - it has an adjustable handle (especially handy for both Eric-6'2" and I-5'2"). We are able to adjust the handle so that we can each comfortably push the stroller. In Canada, the stroller is only sold as part of a package which includes the infant car seat, it seemed futile to buy the stroller in Canada, considering Nicolas is 2 and we won't use the infant car seat. We discovered that in the US we could buy just the stroller (for $200 less than the cost of buying it at home!).

We stopped in at a Babies.r.us store in New Jersey just before taking the ferry into NYC. We reserved it and picked it up on our way home.

We love it and can't wait to take Nicolas for a walk!

We do have a question though...where do you store the stroller when it's not in use? the garage? the trunk? it's too big (or our house is too small) to store it inside.

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