Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Chasing Moose Tour - Day 2

Newfoundland is the rain and in the fog, it doesn't matter, it is just beautiful, the landscape is amazing...a "take your breath away", make you want to cry kind of amazing.

After we got off the ferry, we stopped at the Visitors Information Centre and we picked up some pamphlets (and brushed our teeth - We'll know for the return trip that you can take a shower on the ferry - well you could in the air seats!)

We drove to Rocky Harbour, stopping quickly in Corner Brook for gas and Pineapple Crush (a friend from home recommended it), and then we stopped in Deer Lake to see a Giant Moose. We had reservations for the Western Brook Pond Boat tour, so we stopped to pick up our tickets, and our park pass and then we went to Western Brook Pond and we walked the 3km trail to the dock, only to be told that due to the rain and the fog, we wouldn't be able to take the tour after all. We were really disappointed, and the 3km walk back to the car in the rain was not fun! Rain + Sweating + Humidity makes Tammy a grumpy pants! On a positive note, we were able to take some amazing pictures and see some amazing vistas that we would not have seen if we hadn't tried to go on the tour.

We stopped in Rocky Harbour to take some pictures and get reimbursed for the boat tour, and then we checked into our hotel, Fisherman's Landing Inn. It's a nice place, clean, well located, friendly staff, good food (Eric ate cod, which I tasted and it was delicious, I ate a stir fry, and we had blueberry crumble for dessert - really, really expensive wine - 4.95 for a half a glass! and the bottle was nearly $30 - for regular old wine...nothing fancy). We almost didn't stay here because I had read a review on Trip Advisor that made me think maybe we shouldn't stay here, but I must say it's a nice place.

We came back to our room and we "touched base" with some friends and family at home and we began working on our journal. Now...I have to plan Day 3, I am going to try to have our bags packed with enough of our supplies so that when we get to the surprise location tomorrow, it will hopefully still be a surprise(that is unless he peeked at the papers I've been hiding ;)

p.s. Moose seen: 0


Patricia & Yan said...

Really hope you'll get a better day today ;) Your picture are very buttiful Tammy !!


Wendy said...

Oh, I hope you see a moose in the wild. They are pretty spectacular.

Renee and Brian said...

It's too bad about the boat tour. We have been having beautiful weather on this side of the island since yesterday and it's supposed to continue on all weekend but I'm not sure about the west side of the island.
See you soon!