Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Chasing Moose Tour - Day 4

When the alarm went off this morning, and I looked out the bedroom window and all I saw was fog...I was disappointed. This was not turning out as I had planned.

Breakfast, was an omelette with eggs, sausage, mushrooms and tomato which was served with toast made using homemade bread, and there were five different kinds of jam (bake apple, partridge berry, rhubarb, apple, and strawberry) – all homemade of course and all delicious!

After breakfast, we packed up our things. We then read for a little while and around 9:30 we headed out for a walk. We were pleasantly surprised when we got outside to see that we could see the ocean! We started walking along the path, but we were quickly distracted by the sights and the sounds of the ocean. The rugged, natural beauty of the place is breathtaking.

As we were walking, Eric heard something and headed towards the edge of the cliffs. There were two whales swimming by! What a sight to see. We continued walking along the edge of the cliffs...I almost lost my shoe when I stepped in a wet marshy spot! We walked for about an hour and a half, and as we did, the fog lifted a little...but only to make room for the rain, by the time we got back,we were drenched! There is a whale watching room (a little house with 2 glass walls) on the edge of the cliffs, so we went there to read for a while and to try to spot more whales. We did see some whales, but not too many. After awhile, I was still cold...there’s something about the foggy rain and the wind up there that the cold just gets into your bones! We went back to the Inn and read for a bit before lunch. We ate homemade soup for lunch with fresh bread and carrot cake for dessert. It was delicious! Just after lunch we were told that the whales were feeding just off the point. So if we were very careful, we could walk down the cliff at the point of the island and see the whales feeding.

We headed down there and we were not disappointed!! The whales put on a spectacular show just in front of us...we could see them coming up to the surface with their mouths open and see the fish scrambling to try to get away...and then the whale closed it’s mouth and went back under! There were schools of seals...probably more than 50 in each one...and in the air, Gannetts flew overhead...the ocean’s waves were crashing up on the rocks just in front of truly was spectacular! We were there for at least an hour and a half and there was whale after whale feeding and jumping and rolling over...I think there may have been 3 different kinds...minke, humpback and maybe another we're not too sure...and there easily could have been more, we just couldn’t keep track anymore. We took lots of pictures, but the action happens so quickly that you just want to stand back and watch it all unfold. We could see the water begin to move and then we saw the fish literally jump out of the water to try to get away from the whales, then we saw the humpbacks jump out of the water and open their mouths to eat the fish!

We headed back up to the Inn and it was time to leave. We said our good-byes to our new friends and made our way down to the dock.

We had a quick ride back down the island. When we came around the point of the island, there was a whale that we surprised and he had come up for air as we passed. At first it was just Eric and I in the boat, and then we picked up some extra passengers who had walked the whole length of the island.

We were dropped off at the wharf. We then headed to our b&b (Hillsview) in Gunner’s Cove. We passed it by accident, so we kept going to the next town (I was hoping to find a little road that headed out to the coast so that we could try to see the icebergs in town). We weren’t successful, so we headed back to the b&b. We checked in and then downloaded all our pictures onto our computer (we ran out of room on one of our cameras!).

We then went back to the Norseman for dinner...I again had the was delicious...again! Eric had a steak which was also good. He had a chocolate terrine served with bake apples and I had the partridge berry pie! We arrived back at the b&b at 10pm, hoping for an early night...but I started writing and Eric was reading...he’s been asleep for an hour or so he’ll be driving the first leg of our long day of driving tomorrow.

We’ll be driving to Roddickton to drop off some gifts to my friend Ruthie’s parents. We tried to call Ruthie’s parents to let them know that we’re planning to arrive tomorrow at around 10am, but my cell phone doesn’t work out here...hopefully by the time we reach St-Anthony tomorrow I’ll be able to call to let them know when we’ll arrive. After Roddickton, we’ll head to Twillingate where we’ll be for two nights...what a luxury! I’m off now to see what I can plan for us while we’re in the Twillingate area. Then I’ll be off to bed myself.

Moose Count – 0

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