Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Chasing Moose Tour - Day 6

We woke up to another rainy morning. We ate a nice breakfast of French toast with fruit, and fresh coconut scones and partridge berry muffins. We had to change rooms in the B&B, so we packed up and moved rooms. Our host was kind enough to take care of doing a load of laundry for us.

We headed out around 9 and we decided that today would be mostly a museum day since it was raining so much. We stopped at the Durrell museum, it was an interesting place, and there were lots of neat old things to look at, including a stuffed polar bear! There was also a craft shop in the museum so we were able to get some shopping in. There are lots of affordable handmade items in the craft shops. Then we went to the Twillingate Museum, again there were lots of nice and interesting things to look at and there was a craft shop there too.

We then headed over to the Auk Island Winery. We sampled almost every wine they make...and we went on a tour of the winery...it was neat to see since we make our own wine at home. We went for lunch at a little tea room where I had toutons for the first time! Toutons is fried bread that is served with molasses. Oh My!! It was so good. Eric had beef soup and a ham sandwich.

We then headed to the Prime Berth, a fishing heritage museum dedicated to the cod fishing industry that was. After that, we were pretty tired and we headed back to the B&B for a little nap.

We woke up at 8pm! We went for a quick dinner (at R&J’s – we had a hamburger and their wedge fries!), another tour of the town, we went back to see the lighthouse on the cliff, and then we headed back to R&J’s for dessert...partridgeberry pie with ice cream and coffee.

We toured the town again. I have been playing around with my camera to try to get it to take some pictures at night, and I think I have finally figured it out! We took some pictures around the town and then headed back to the B&B.

We’re heading to St. John’s tomorrow..but first...
Here's a picture of the house that is on the Kleen.ex Box this summer...Highlighting some of the most beautiful places in Canada...except the picture on the Kleen.ex box has three huge icebergs...and it's a beautiful sunny day...Oh well...we loved Twillingate anyway!

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