Monday, July 5, 2010

House and Garden and mom's new puppy

View from the front of the house...our backyard is actually on the side of the house. Right behind the cherry and plum trees.

The little perennial garden in front of the house. All the plants are so tiny this year! I can't wait to see this next year! We're putting in a small fence and a gate (to close in the yard in the front), and we're going to be putting in a fence between the garage and the house and using that space as a shaded patio. Our deck is in full sun all day and all evening so sometimes it's a little too hot out there.

Our vegetable garden...Mom and I built the cedar planters. We'll have to build a couple more for next year. We have already harvested almost all the beans, the carrots are coming along, and so are the tomatoes cucumbers and the zucchini. Don't mind the patchy grass...we re-seeded the yard and the grass is still coming in.
 mom got a puppy on the weekend...he's a cocker spaniel mix...and he's totally adorable. It's nice to have him in the house...but I must admit, I'd forgotten how much attention they need. It's ok, Darcy...cuz you're cute!


Méli said...

Darcy was very cute!!

Patricia & Yan said...

Beautiful house! Congrats ;)

and I do understand you for the dog, I babysit a little dog from mira a month ago for one week me too, I was thinking before of having a dog from mira for one year... Nop I no longer have this project. Their cute but not in my house ;)


Renee and Brian said...

It looks like your garden is certainly coming along! It is so much fun to watch your garden grow from year to year. See you soon!

Wendy said...

Oh, he is darling! I just posted about my dogs on my blog! Hopefully, you are wise enough to only have one! :-)